Welcome/Social Committee

-Make a positive interaction with new members in the community by providing welcome packages.

-May plan a seasonal members functions and/or community events (garage sales, festivals etc.)

Committee Members

Erika Williams

Sheri Daily

Jennie Huffman

looking for more volunteers...
Architectural Control Committee

-Maintains property values by keeping the land and structures in accordance with the covenants, conditions, and restrictions established in the governing documents.

Committee Members

Sharon Ervin

Dan Dideo

Rowena Nagales


Landscape Committee

-Make recommendations or assist with the ground beautification projects on the islands and other  common areas of the development.

Andree Nunn

Committee Members
looking for more volunteers...

Laura Huesgen

Steve Jones

Karen Donnelly

We know that everyone is very busy with everyday life. We are looking and asking for members of our HOA who are willing to give a little of your time to connect with our neighbors and help with some of the activities that can keep our neighborhood connected. Thank you for volunteering.

This committee is in place to determine if a continuing violator will have a fine, voted on by the Board, imposed, after he/she has the chance to speak at a hearing of the Compliance  Committee (CC).

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