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Board Minutes and Financials

For members of Riverbrook at Glen Kernan HOA. The Meeting Minutes and Financial sections on this website are restricted to registered users who are owners of homes in the Riverbrook development. Please log in to view additional content. If you are a homeowner at Riverbrook at Glen Kernan neighborhood, and would like to gain access, you may register on the Log in/Sign up button.



Proxy is a convenient way to make sure that your voice is heard and your vote is counted. A proxy is used when a homeowner cannot attend a meeting, in which a quorum of the members is required. Because each proxy is good for just one meeting, we will post a new proxy prior to each meeting that requires a quorum of the members.

Board of Directors

President: Sharon Ervin

Vice Pres: Erika Williams

Sec/Treas: Rowena Nagales

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