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Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Form

You can download the ACC Request form here.

 Please send a copy of the request to the to ensure submission is received and prevent delay. 

Riverbrook governing documents provide the ACC with the authority to make decisions on all improvements including painting.

Below is the list of pre-approved colors fro Riverbrook at Glen Kernan. These are standard neutrals (whites/gray/browns).

Link for Pre-approved Neutrals :

There are other neutral shades in blue/green/yellow that are approved. Please contact management for these color families.

Sherwin Williams paint is not required. Requests need to include color photo of the paint regardless of the brand.

All external changes and improvements require ACC approval before beginning construction. Documents needed are listed on the request form.

Our Architectural Control Committee maintains property values by keeping the land and structures in accordance with the covenants, conditions and restrictions established in the governing documents.

  • Sharon Ervin

  • Dan Dideo

  • Larry Davis

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