Welcome/Social Committee

Our Welcome Committee is here to make a positive interaction with new members in the community by providing welcome packages. They may also plan seasonal members' functions and/or community events (garage sales, festivals etc.). This committee is looking for volunteers.

Architectural Control Committee

Our Architectural Control Committee maintains property values by keeping the land and structures in accordance with the covenants, conditions and restrictions established in the governing documents. You can download the ACC Request form here.

  • Sharon Ervin

  • Dan Dideo

  • Larry Davis

Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee makes recommendations or assists with the ground beautification projects on islands and other common areas of the development. This committee is looking for volunteers.

  • Colleen Vastola


Budget Committee

The Budget/Finance committee creates and oversees the standards for, practices to implement, and maintenance of an organization's fiscal responsibility. Typical tasks include budgeting and financial planning, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.


  • Rowena Nagales

  • Bonnie Hardman

  • Erika Williams

Compliance Committee


1. Report any violations seen, to the the Management so that a violation letter can be sent to the homeowner.

2. If determined that a violation of the rules and regulations has not been corrected upon receiving the notice, a hearing date will be set as agreed upon the CC.

3. At the hearing, homeowners will have a chance to speak regarding the continued violation.

4. CC will then vote to either

a.) impose the fine voted on by the Board of Directors,

b.) negotiate/minimize the fine,

c.) extend the allotted time for the homeowner to bring the property in compliance      before imposing the fine,

d.) vote not to impose the fine.

  • Jordan Conway

  • Julie Harrison

  • Karen Donnelly

Volunteer Form

We know that everyone is very busy with everyday life. We are asking for members of our HOA who are willing to give a little of your time to connect with your neighbors and help with some of the activities that can keep our neighborhood connected

If you are interested in joining a committee, please fill out the form below. Be sure to put which committee you are interested in or how you would like to volunteer in your message.

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