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Ordinance 2019-317 Meeting Dates (Rezoning @Hodges/Glen Kernan/JTB)

During the June 18, 2019 Land Use and Zoning Committee Meeting, the Chair Councilman Schellenberg communicated the following tentative meeting dates for Ordinance 2019-317:

Planning Commission (PC) Meeting: July 18 - 1:00 pm

Land Use and Zoning (LUZ) Committee Meeting: Aug 6 - 5:00 pm

City Council Meeting: Aug 13 - 5:00 pm

The reason that these dates are tentative:

- Council President Bowman has requested a deferral of Ordinance 2019-317 at the June 20 PC Meeting and the next PC Meeting will be on July 18, 2019

- Bowman will continue to request deferrals at the LUZ Meeting until the PC Votes

- Bowman will defer it again at the request of the Development Group's Lawyer (Paul Harden) so that Harden can reassess if they want to continue as filed or amend

- The newly installed City Council Members will vote on this Ordinance

Important: continue to check and Aaron Bowman's FaceBook Page -- once he receives feedback from Harden, he will post the future schedule Meeting dates. In addition, if Ordinance 2019-317 is amended, Bowman will host another Town Hall Meeting.

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