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Properties adjacent to Riverbrook and Heather Glen

Met on February 29, 2024 at 6:30pm, HOA BOD Members from Heather Glen and Riverbrook along with a few homeowners bordering the purchased properties with Brian Small, managing partner of Bird Dog Land at Hodges Blvd Presbyterian Church.

Mr. Small was given a list of questions in advance to address and was very receptive to both HOA's and Homeowner's concerns:

-Purchased "remnant parcels" and was very sensitive to being a good neighbor to the Glen Kernan neighborhoods. 

-Parrot Surveyors flagged stakes for boundaries on both properties:

2.5 acres on Pebble Brook Dr. (Riverbrook) and the 1 acre on Kernan Mill Ln. (Heather Glen) both properties border the entrances to both communities on Glen Kernan Parkway.

-The 2.5 acres buildable land (Riverbrook) is Low Density Residential (LDR) with maximum of 7 units per acre. 1 buildable land (Heather Glen) is Medium Density Residential (MDR) with a maximum of 16 units per acre.

No immediate plans for either properties but would like to have a nice home or office on one of the sites. If it were to be done in the future he promised it would be aesthetically pleasing and complement the neighborhoods. 

-No additional internal road cut-ins are planned other than from Glen Kernan Parkway at this time.

-Both HOA's will continue to maintain the entrances to respective neighborhoods based on the current verbal agreements with Glen Kernan Country Club until this agreement can be documented going forward to protect all parties.

-Anything built in future would not join the existing HOA's.

-Due to the wetlands involved, it would take around 2 years to get approved for any new builds with permitting so no immediate plans to break ground or build on the sites.

-Both neighborhood entrances should be able to maintain their current aesthetics.

Mr. Small agreed to keep both communities with any updates in the future.

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