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Updates, Emails & Meeting Minutes Ord. 2019-317

Good evening, 1) Please note the following important update: The email address to send in letters to be read into record for the upcoming LUZ meeting is

2) Minutes from the PC meeting are attached and note the videos for PC meeting are only posted when they are available, all of meeting rooms do not have video recording capabilities. Here is the link to the PC Zoom Meeting Audio recording from 10/8 (Access Passcode: Iuz2&$%9) 3) A shout out to our sign crew that has weathered the rain this week during traffic hours on Hodges. We thank you for your time and appreciate you all!  4) As requested, here is a sample email if you want to copy and paste. We hope this will assist you in sending emails. ---------------------------------------------------

Dear ________, (Council or Committee Person) My name is ________ and I live at _________________. I am writing you about Ordinance #2019-317 and request that this letter be read at the upcoming LUZ meeting on Oct 20, 2020 with my opposition on record.  My concerns are with:(Add your own concerns or copy and paste from the bullets below and from the document on the "Oct Update- need your help" email)

  • Institutional uses allowing for vertical integration of Residential and Institutional uses beyond 60 feet.

  • Retail/Commercial uses allowing Hotels and Office Buildings up to 75 feet. In addition to allowing for Property Storage Facilities, on-site and off-site sale of alcoholic beverages, Bars, and Clubs.

  • Accessory uses and structures permitting Laundromats.

  • Safety and Traffic increasing with commuters on Hodges Blvd, Glen Kernan Pkwy, and JTB. Traffic studies on Hodges Blvd have are already over capacity according to recent traffic studies. Additionally, traffic impacts essential and emergency services having only one short lane for shared entry and egress for the four neighboring subdivisions and not including  passage from and to the business parks, their patrons and the adjacent traffic.

  • Escalating and environmental impacts associated with increased stress and higher densities related to the overbuilding potential with all of the new construction already in progress on the JTB corridor.

  • Drainage problems and what happens with the current retention ponds.

The concerns listed above are not compatible and are relevant to the privacy, safety, preservation, protection and welfare of the surrounding communities. I am requesting you vote against the rezoning of this piece of land as submitted. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Respectfully, Your name ------------------------------------------

5. Attached are the copy and paste email addresses for you use (courtesy of Mitch). 6. Mark your calendars for next weeks LUZ meeting Tuesday Oct 20th at 5pm, we will try to send out agenda and zoom as soon as it's available. Thank you for your support!

PC meeting minutes from 10-8-20
Download PDF • 1.78MB

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