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Pls. note date correction in Bold letters

Our voices ARE being heard! We must continue to write and speak at these Public Hearings. Time is running short. Our efforts are making a difference! According to Paul Hardens comments at this meeting (which you'll find below from the video just prior to the end of our ordinance) CM Bowman has asked that the residential and student housing be removed and he further explained they may not need access to Glen Kernan Parkway but may only need access to Hodges Blvd. This is all GREAT news but we still have more work to do! Minutes and Video of the City Council Meeting held on 10-13-20 are now posted on the COJ website:

The video of this meeting is available for your review at . 2019-317 portion starts around the 54min mark and ends around the 1:26 mark. There were approximately 119 online for the meeting. Not sure how many were on for our ordinance however, we had 7 speakers and 6 letters read during the public hearing. Special thanks to all who spoke and wrote on behalf of our opposition. The next time our Ordinance will be heard is next week at the Tuesday, October 20th LUZ meeting at 5PM.

In order for your emails to be read into the record you will need to submit them by noon on Monday, October 19th. The email address to use for that meeting is: The"10272020" is the City Council meeting date and using this email address gets it to all of the members for the City Council and LUZ (made up of City Council members) meeting and it will be read into the record at the meeting. It would not hurt to add a statement in your email: "Please have this email read into the record at the Oct 20, 2020 LUZ meeting.” NOTE: If you send in an email to be read -- you do not get to speak at the meeting but your concerns will be heard. ( Thanks to Anne for pulling this info together ) Agenda and instructions will be sent out as soon as posted to the COJ website.  Thanks again to our Core team who continually contribute to our emails and sign efforts (especially Anne and Mitch) and are diligently writing, speaking and posting to keep the 32224 informed. We are making a difference let's continue to stay strong to the end! Thank you for your support!

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